Shioban Davies Studios, 2018

The project is part of Reality Remix, an AHRC/EPSRC Next Generation of Immersive Experiences Award led by Ruth Gibson, Reader at The Centre for Dance Research,  supporting the development of early stage research partnerships that explore the creation of new immersive experiences addressing key themes: Memory, Place and Performance. With support from Coventry University, Abertay University, Ravensbourne, AdsReality and the British Council.

Performer: Hannah Burfield

  Multi-Play-Performer tested by visitors.
Unlike in the usual set-up of common VR headsets, the controlers are handed to visitors at the gallery whilst the person in the headset needs to follow their direction flying through an empty space on the screen. Agency is segregated and shared between the different participants, recreating a real-life game where three bodies start to perform together.

Peut-Porter shows an excerpt of experiments trying to materialise and relocate experiences made in VR into a physical reality. Performance Artist Hannah Burfield supports the study as she performs a set of tasks: the notion of clothing and the perception of self are starting points when she is asked to measure space in VR in body-units, to dress in the manner of an avatar and to direct her audience as she performs in flight-mode. The prototypes and experiences were offered to an audience at Shioban Davies dance in July 2018 and invited to watch, test and perform with certain restrictions and instructions in mind.

Peut-Porter Ltd.
Company Number 11903665
Directors: Alexa Pollmann & Bine Roth

5 Borthwick Street
SE8 3GH London