Our Workshops are tailored to the needs and setting of the institution and participants. Often, they run along or projects as means for public engagement and are a way to allow insight into our work as practitioners. We welcome any requests or inquiries and are open to discuss options. Some of the places we have worked with are: 

V&A Museum
Design Museum London
DeutschesTechnikmuseum Berlin
Centre for Arts & Media Karlsruhe (ZKM)
Paraa Design Studio, Dhaka 
Birmingham Future Curious Festival 
Ikon Gallery Birmingham 

ARTEZ University Arnhem
HTW Berlin
Birmingham School of Arts 
EINA Barcelona 
University of the Arts London
Royal College of Art
Vienna University (ID2)
Pforzheim University
Lasalle College Singapore 
BUFT University Dhaka 

Workshop Themes: 

Investigations into new relationships between the human body and our environement, with sensing technologies as a main focus.

Performative futuring, wherein participants start to enact rituals and ideas they craft during the workshop about future roles within society.

A practice-based debate on the need and use of Wearable Technology, sous-veillance and soft technologies.

Learning from often marginalised social organisational forms and ways of being to imagine alternative macro-systems.

Hands-on sketch and prototyping of alternative avatars in physical and digital, with an eye to their heritage in costume and ritual.   

“Communities are formed and sustained through the sharing of resources and through participation in the governance of the commons, governance that often also involves direct social labor, which in these conditions I call “commoning”. The ongoing fiscal crisis and the deepening of austerity measures, in spite of social resistance, will push communities to come together and reshape themselves through sharing projects such as community gardens, care of children and the elderly, greater participation in schools,[...]. The commons, in other words, increasingly become a necessity of social production.”

Angélil, M., Le Cavalier, J., Brandlhuber, A. and Hehl, R., 2013. Collectivize!. Berlin: Ruby Press, pp.121-131.
/ Massimo De Angelis  Plan C&D: Commons and Democracy - contemporary capitalism can hope to develop into a social force in order to deal with its impasse.

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